Bookish links #42

  1. Ways to write a social media update. This is an extensive list of possible ways to compile social media updates. I’ve been using some without realising I was doing it according to a plan! Good on me!
  2. Spoonflower has a whole heap of library themed fabrics! I just love it. And just for fun, here are some book themed fabrics available as well! That’s the quilter in me surfacing…
  3. Bopjournal is a community of artists that is definitely something I should remember for future illustrations and cover designing on my self-publishing journey.
  4. Literary worlds from fiction is always amazing! Dictionary.com listed 9 imaginary lands from the fictional world and I must admit, I have no idea where some of them ever featured or rather what happened there. I have some reading to do…
  5. This has nothing to do with books but it might be something to keep in mind when interviewed in your day job.


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