Bookish links #44

Hi there again.

It’s been how long…4 months! So sorry. Let’s see if we can share some more fun links from all over the web.

  1. This was such a fun article. Here are just some sci-fi-words that has been coined.
  2. Aerogramme Writing Studios has compiled a list of writing opportunities for July & August 2016.
  3. Another fun article about words invented by writers. I do love these types of articles. It’s funny how many of these words are in our daily vocabulary.
  4. This is an old article but that is the beauty of books. Never truly old. Angela Savage compiled a beautiful list of top 10 crime reads for 2014. I know, I know. It is 2016 but like I said, books are never really old.

Until next week. Have fun with these!

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