Bookish links #46 (writer's notebooks)

Welcome back. Another week has passed. Enjoy these links about writers notebooks of all sorts.

  1. Better Writing Habits listed and explained some notebooks for writers. There are all kinds of notebooks listed additional to the 3 writers notebooks.
  2. Jennifer Blanchard classifies the writers notebook as the secret weapon of success.
  3. Julia Cameron believes in 3 pages a day.
  4. This was a fun link. Here is a whole Pinterest board of famous writers notebooks. It is fascinating how us writers process ideas.
  5. This is my own suggestion. A suggestion in one of my subjects this year suggested that before one writes anything, you should write all your thoughts and ideas. Basically empty yourself out on paper so that you can focus on your story or article. I think this takes practice, but it is very effective.

That is it from me this week. Until next time then.

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