Bookish links #48

Hi there. How did your scene building go? Some great tips in last week’s post. But on to this week.

  1. I love writing about our few travels. Preselling ones article could be a great way to earn some spending money.
  2. Every genre has its own required word count. Writer’s Digest gives a definitive post for both children’s and other genres
  3. POV. Complete guide to point of view. I think anything there is to learn, can be gleaned from this article.
  4. I finished 3 little childrens books. Only 1 of the 3 was okay. It broke my heart. This article is a gloves of reality check. Here is some truth about writing for children.
  5. Being an idea machine is quite a new concept to me. Although I have more ideas than I can write about, this article was quite insightful about developing this side of creative writing.

Well that is it for this week. Until next week.


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