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Bookish links I enjoyed this past week #3

I am a serial reader and love non-fiction articles. For me to find it again and for you to enjoy, I’ll share it here weekly.

1) The Positive Writer put a list of 39 great books on writing that Steven King suggests. This would keep me busy for the next year…

2) Article on The Guardian about using a pen name instead of your own.

3) Fascinating article about staying published on Writer Unboxed.

4) The fabulous Joanna Penn put a post out a while ago for translators. I put this up for later use and to remember when I need a translator. I thought this was a great idea.

5) This is a big article about the role of the Author Websites. Very insightful and I almost want to say balanced. Worth a read. (unfortunately this link does not exist anymore)

Did you enjoy any articles? Please share in the comments with me.


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