Bookish links I enjoyed this past week #38

I am a serial reader and love non-fiction articles. For me to find it again and for you to enjoy, I’ll share it here weekly.

  1. Jennifer Rowland compiled a whole list of useful links for writers considering self-publishing. And not all for novel writers…
  2. Here’s a fairly old article (okay a bit more than a year old) about the cost of self-publishing. Yes, it is expensive. When you dream of riches and glory, remember the investment you need to make first…
  3. I believe no piece of writing is a disaster. Although most of my pieces feel like that… so if you have a ‘disaster’, read this.
  4. The Writers Bureau page is loaded with useful resources for writers. From genres, competitions and short stories to educational links for writers.
  5. What does it take to be a writer? Some encouragement for this adventure.

Thank you for visiting. Until next time.


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