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Bookish links I enjoyed this past week #6

I am a serial reader and love non-fiction articles. For me to find it again and for you to enjoy, I’ll share it here weekly.

1) Now Allison Tait is one of my fav writers/podcasters/bloggers/tweeter/etc. She wrote this list post about her experience as a blogger in her first year.

2)What should I charge for content marketing? It is always a question for me. I’ve only earned remuneration for winning letters or competitions but cannot break into the freelance market yet. It is quite frustrating. I recently started charging for translation work but it’s a frustrating business to not price yourself out of the market! Rachel at Rachel’s List give some advice for content marketing charges.

3) Some encouragement from Valerie Khoo about what I really want. There is a great move toward working and living our dreams. I’ve started out this year really trying to find my dreams and pursuing it. (unfortunately this link doesn’t exist anymore)

4) The question if the book industry will survive or not is on every other blogpost. Booktopia asked 3 experts opinions.

5) Readers Digest launched another survey to establish which professions are trust worthy. Frightening that journalists rank lower than lawyers, taxi drivers and others! I do understand that they seem to be puppets in the news industry but I guess they did not ask which journalists, right? Read here at Mumbrella.

Did you enjoy any articles? Please share in the comments with me.


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