I blog about only a handful of things, books I and sometimes we read, words I find interesting and what happened in history. Sometimes I will post fascinating links to words or books, authors or publishing or anything else I thought was worth reading.

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Something new to come…

I bullied myself into three challenges this year. Not to mention the self-inflicted #99words #flashfiction that I get up to every now and again on Instagram.

As of January 2018 I’ve committed to write and submit a short story to 12 Short Stories Writing Challenge. Every month the organiser Mia Botha, calls out a prompt and then we have about a month to write our stories. The stories are then submitted and uploaded on a specific day. I link to my stories on www.12stories.com on my own ‘My Stories’ page. Please go over there and tell me what you think.

The other two challenges are inspired by Ray Bradbury. (There is so much in this talk that I’ll have to watch it over and over and over again…)

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One part is a reading challenge where I read 1 poem, 1 short story and 1 essay every day for #1000days. You will find that on Instagram as well.

The other part is writing a short story a week. That will give me #52shortstories52weeks. I’ll post it to WattpadWriting Therapy posted 52 prompts in 2015 already. I thought this could be my inspiration.

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